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China and Panama Should Seek for Greater Cooperation in Business: Chinese President Xi Jinping

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It is reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping said the business communities of China and Panama are the main forces in China-Panama cooperation, and both countries should seize the opportunity to expand cooperation.

President Xi made the remarks during a forum between Chinese and Panamanian entrepreneurs on Monday, in Panama's capital Panama City.

Also present at the forum were Xi's counterpart Juan Carlos Varela and delegations of entrepreneurs from both countries.

President Xi said that the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Panama has opened up broad prospects for cooperation in various fields, noting economic and trade cooperation has never been this strong and ties between the business communities of both sides have never been this close.  

China sincerely opens its market to all countries and welcomes entrepreneurs from all over the world, including Panama, to invest in China, Xi stressed, while encouraging Chinese companies to develop businesses in Panama.

Entrepreneurs of the two countries should also shoulder social responsibilities and enhance friendship, Xi added.

For his part, Varela said that the Panamanian and Chinese business communities have maintained contact through the canal, ports and the Cologne Free Trade Zone for a long time.

He welcomed more Chinese companies to invest in Panama, and use Panama as a base to expand their business in Latin America to strive for development in Panama and the region. (Source: CGTN)

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