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Trademark Registration through ARIPO

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Trademark registration through ARIPO is conducted by the ARIPO trademark system governed under the Banjul Protocol on Marks. This Protocol is operational in 10 of the 19 Member States. The states signatory to the Banjul Protocol are herein referred to as Banjul Protocol Contracting States. An ARIPO application may be filed by any qualified natural or legal person, either in person or through an authorized representative.

Process for An ARIPO Mark Registration
1. Filling an application
A mark application may be filed directly with the ARIPO Office or indirectly with the national industrial property office any of the Contracting States acting as Receiving Office. An application filed with the office of the Contracting State acting as a receiving office will have the same effect as if it has been filed at the same date at the ARIPO Office. Filing of the application may be done online, by manner of personal delivery, email or registered mail, whichever method is convenient to the applicant.

2. Formality & Substantive Examinations
The ARIPO Office will then examine the application as to formality and this entails checking that the application form is duly completed as per the above requirements, that if the application is filed by a representative a power of attorney is lodged and that the requisite application fees have been paid or a statement of commitment to settle them within 21 working days.

3. Publication and Opposition
Mark applications which have been accepted by designated states on substantive examination are published in the ARIPO Journal and, three months from the publication, the Office will register the mark upon payment of a registration fee by the applicant. The Office will then issue a certificate of registration to the applicant. During the publication of the mark in the Journal any person may give notice of opposition. The opposition is dealt with in accordance with the national laws.

4. Effect of Registration
The duration of registration of a registered mark is ten years from the date of filing. The registration may be renewed for a further ten years on payment of the prescribed renewal fee. Rights conferred by the registered mark is the same in every designated state.

Contents of an ARIPO Mark Application
Application for registration of a trade mark should be made in a prescribed form. The form of application must contain the following:
• the applicant’s name and address;
• designation of the Banjul Protocol Contracting State(s);
• descriptions of goods and/or services;
• corresponding class/classes of the goods and/or services in accordance with the Nice Classification;
• name(s) of colour(s) claimed (if any) as a distinctive feature of the mark;
• a reproduction of the mark in the form of a two dimensional, graphic or photographic reproduction;
• a declaration of actual use or intention to use the mark.

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