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Taiwan Trademark Registration

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Taiwan trademark registration is one of Tannet’s domestic intellectual property services. A trademark applicant must file an application with Taiwan's Intellectual Property Office ("TIPO"). Normally, the TIPO renders a decision within six months after it receives all supporting documents. If the application is approved, the mark will be published and registered after the applicant pays registration fees within two months upon receiving the approval notice.

The application must be filed in the name of the owner of a trademark. The owner may be a natural person, corporation, LLC or other types of legal entity.

Business and trading names cannot own property. As such, an application should be filed in the name(s) of the owner of a registered business, or if the business is an incorporated entity, its company name.

Advantages to registering a trademark
A registered trademark entitles its proprietor to statutory exclusivity and remains valid within a given term throughout the entire territory of the ROC. As the proprietor of a registered trademark, you will:

1. have the exclusive right to use your registered trademark for the goods or services specified in the registration;
2. have the right to authorize use by other people of your registered trademark for the goods or services specified in the registration;
3. have the right to sell the registered trademark or use it as a property to establish a pledge;
4. be able to stop people from using your trademark for the goods or services which might be covered by your trademark registration and thereby causing confusion; and
5. be able to request Customs to prevent the importation or exportation of goods that infringe your registered trademark.

Types of Trademarks in Taiwan
Taiwan law distinguishes among three types of trademarks:
1. Principal Mark
This including word, drawing, symbol, color, sound, three-dimensional shape, or combination thereof.

2. Group Mark
A mark used by members of a cooperative or association, such as by union members (these marks are generally used on goods not sold directly by members of the group).

3. Certification Mark
A mark used to identify the quality or characteristics of products as meeting the criteria of a certifying body, but not the particular source of goods (certification marks will not be registered if they are descriptive).

Required information for Registration
1. Name and address of the applicant;
2. Representation, reproduction, description, and specimen of the trademark;
3. Goods and/or services.

Term of Protection
The term of protection is ten years from the date of registration. The trademark may be renewed for additional ten year terms within six months of the expiration date of the mark's present term. There is also a six-month grace period following expiration of a mark.

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