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Japanese Trademark Registration

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Japanese trademark registration is one of Tannet’s most popular overseas trademark registration services. A trademark is a mark used by a manufacturer, dealer or service provider in respect of goods or services in order to differentiate them from goods and services offered by other parties which are of the same or a similar type.

The term of a trademark right is ten years from the date of registration. Its term can be renewed for subsequent ten year periods, but a request for renewal must be filed within six months before the current term expires.

Effects of Registering a Trademark
(1) A granted trademark right is effective throughout Japan, and its owner is able to use it exclusively in respect of the designated goods and services without exclusion by any other party.
(2) The use by another party of an identical or similar trademark in respect of an identical or similar range of goods or services constitutes infringement, and the trademark owner may claim the infringer to cease the infringing acts and payment of damages.

Information required for filing a trademark application
To file a trademark application in Japan, we require the following information and documents from you.
(1) Applicant's name and address;
(2) Applicant's nationality;
(3) Sample of trademark;
(4) Goods and/or Services;
(5) Priority application number, date, and country (Optional).

Procedures for obtaining a trademark right in Japan
Before filing a trademark application, please be sure to search prior trademarks to see if identical or similar trademarks have been registered by other applicants. Below is basic the process for registration.

(1) File an Application;
(2) Publication of Unexamined Application;
(3) Formality Examination;
(4) Substantive Examination;
(5) Notification of Reasons for Refusal;
(6) Written Argument / Amendment;
(7) Decision of Registration;
(8) Decision of Refusal;
(9) Appeal against Decision of Refusal;
(10) Appeal Examination (against the decision of refusal);
(11) Registration.

After obtaining your trademark registration in Japan you will have to use it inside the territory of Japan within 3 years. If the trademark is not used within this period or you stop using it for 3 consecutive years later, third parties may request the cancellation of your trademark.

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