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Myanmar Trademark Renewal

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Myanmar trademark renewal is required once the mark is expiry. Trademark registration in Myanmar lasts 3 years, after which you should renew your trademark registration. The 3 years are counted from the day of registration. Myanmar has no promulgated law for trademarks, but registration can be obtained under Section 18(F) of Registration Act. Remedies against passing-off can be applied for under Section 478 of the Penal Code, and against infringement under Section 54 of the Specific Relief Act and the Myanmar Merchandise Marks Act.

Requirements on Myanmar Trademark Application
The following information and/or documents are required to file an application for a trademark application in Myanmar:

1. Application form;
2. Power of Attorney (notarized and attested);
3. Clear copy of the mark;
4. A list of goods or services ( which closely follow the Nice International Classification);
5. The full name, nationality and registered address of the applicant;
6. For marks that contain non-English words, a certified transliteration and translation.

General Registration Procedures
1. Declaration of Ownership
This is a solemn statement made by the owner of a trademark. A trademark can be registered on submission of a declaration of ownership.

2. Registration
A local attorney will file for the registration of the Declaration of Ownership at the office of the Registrar of Deeds and Assurances. A temporary registration number will be granted on the same day although it takes 2-3 weeks for the attorney to receive the declaration.

3. Examination
An examination takes 6 - 8 months.

4. Publication
Publication follows registration of a mark and is optional to the owner. A trademark cautionary notice is published in local newspapers establishing ownership of the trademark. It serves as a warning to potential infringers.

5. Registration
The duration of registration takes a minimum period of 2 months. The registration is effective from date of application.

Trademark Renewal in Myanmar
In Myanmar, the law does not enact the validity period of Trademark registration. According to the established practice, renewal of registration is usually done once in every three-year by one of the following ways:

(1) Renewal by re-registration in the form of Declaration;
(2) Renewal by re-publication in the local daily newspapers or weekly journals;
(3) Renewal by both re-registration and re-publication.

Please be informed that the term of trademark registration in Myanmar is not fixed from registration date, like in most of the countries. We recommend that you renew your registration every three years. The purpose of renewal is to publish the ownership of the mark to show the public that you are still using the mark. In addition, renewal of registration can be useful in case of litigation.

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