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Egypt Trademark Registration Guide

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Egypt trademark registration shall be carried out in accordance with the Intellectual Property Law No. 82/2002. A trademark is a sign that identifies the services and/or goods of a certain enterprise and distinguishes them from the services or goods of the competitors of such enterprise. According to the international treaties and the Egyptian laws, trademarks must be distinctive and not be deceptive in order to be registerable. It is to be noted that Egypt does not recognize the multiple application, therefore, each class shall be separately filed.

Documents Required for Registration
1. A power of Attorney (provided by Tannet);
2. Detailed information of applicant (name, address, etc);
3. Clear trademark logo;
4. The classes under which the trademark will be registered;
5. List of goods or services.

Trademark Registration Process in Egypt
I. Filing Phase
1. A filing application along with the above mentioned documents shall be submitted to the Egyptian Trademarks Office.
2. The application shall be subject to the examination by specialized examiners. The examination phase shall take around 8 months.
3. At the end of the examination period, the examiner will issue a decision either accepting or rejecting the registration of the trademark in question. If the decision of the Trademarks Office was an acceptance decision then, the Trademark will be moved to the second phase "Publication and Registration Phase".

II. Publication and Registration Phase
1. The publication fees shall be paid in order to publish the trademark in the Trademarks Official Gazette.
2. Upon the publication of the trademark in the aforementioned Gazette, the third party shall have 60 days in order to object to the publication of said trademark.
3. If no objection takes place during these 60 days, the Trademark shall be finally registered and the registration certificate may be obtained.

Upon receipt of the above mentioned documents, we will immediately prepare the trademark application/ applications and submit same to the Egyptian Trademarks Authority. The time frame required to get the trademark fully registered ranges between around 10 months to 12 months.

Terms of Protection
Once registered, the protection period is ten years as of the date of filing the trademark. The said period may be renewed at the end of the tenth year. It is worth mentioning that the renewal of the trademark for other periods shall also be published in the Trademarks Official Gazette.

It is worth noting that the trademark can be registered at more than one class depending on the business activities that are being used for the said trademark as per the Ministerial Decree No. 243 of 2003 governing all calculations of trademarks.

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