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Canada Trademark Registration

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Canada trademark registration is governed by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). Trademarks include letters, words, logos, product and service names, slogans and more. If you do not protect your trademark, a competitor could use it or something similar, which could confuse your customers. A registered trademark is one way to protect your corporate image. Registering your trademark gives you legal title to it the way a deed gives you title to a piece of real estate.

Reasons to Register Your Trademark in Canada
Protecting your brand and the products and services it stands for is critical to your future sales. Your trademark is an important part of your brand, and registering it gives you the exclusive right to use it to sell your products and services.

1. It shows that the trademark is yours.
2. It gives you exclusive rights to use the trademark across Canada for 15 years (and you can renew that indefinitely).
3. It stops others from using a confusingly similar trademark.
4. It allows you to flag infringements by others.
5. It helps you license your trademark, which you can use to make money and increase your brand’s popularity.

Application Requirements
A trademark application that has the following will get a filing date and application number:
1. Name and address of the applicant;
2. A representation of the trademark (such as a drawing), unless the trademark is just a word or words;
3. Goods or services that the trademark will be or has been used for;
4. Either a statement of your intention to use the trademark or the date of when you first used the trademark in Canada.

Application Process
The CIPO will process your application according to the steps below.
1. Formalities
If your filed application is in good order, complete, and if you have included the correct fee, the CIPO will assign a filing date and an application number to your application, and open a file.

2. Examination
A trademark examiner will review your application and determine if the trademark can be approved for advertisement in the Trade-Marks Journal. If there are any doubts about your application, the examiner will let you know. You will then be able to respond.

3. Advertisement
If the CIPO approve your application, the mark will be published in one issue of the Trade-Marks Journal. Within two months of the advertisement, others can oppose your application.

4. Allowance and Registration
If there is no opposition to your application, or if an opposition has been decided in your favour, your application will be allowed. After that, no further changes will be considered. The CIPO will send you a notice of allowance and ask you to pay the registration fee.

The length of time to register a trademark in Canada varies. If you file your application correctly, the CIPO approve it without changes, and nobody opposes it, you should receive a notice of allowance 10 to 14 months after filing. After you send in your registration fee and declaration of use (for trademark applications based on "proposed use"), your trademark should be registered about four weeks later.

Once registered, your registration lasts for 15 years from the date of registration. You may renew it every 15 years after that for a fee.

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