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US Trademark Registration and Barcodes Application

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US trademark registration and barcodes application is part of Tannet’s package service provided for enterprises doing business in the United States. Trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, and business name registrations all differ, so it is important to learn whether a trademark is appropriate for you. A trademark typically protects brand names and logos used on goods and services. In the business world, a trademark provides a product or organization with an identity which cannot be imitated by its competitors.

US Trademark Registration
US Trademark Registration is governed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO accepts applications for registration of both traditional marks (word, design, and combination marks) and nontraditional and non-visual marks (color, shape/configuration, sound, scent, flavor, touch, and motion marks), as well as for collective marks and certification marks.

Required Materials
1. The name of the applicant.
2. A name and address to which the USPTO should send correspondence.
3. For design and other nontraditional marks, a clear drawing of the mark.
4. A listing of the goods and/or services that are or will be sold or offered in connection with the mark.

Registration Procedures
1. Search for availability;
2. Prepare and submit your application;
3. Trademark review;
4. Publish in the Official Gazette;
5. Grant for registration (if no opposition).

US trademark application can take anywhere from 8-12 months from time of initial filing to approval for registration. Once registered, the mark is valid for ten years counting from the filing date.

US Barcodes Registration
US barcodes registration refers to get your barcodes registered in United States via GS1 US. In today’s global marketplace, most retailers and wholesalers require a unique identifier be assigned for every product. Unlike a supplier’s proprietary part number, the required identifier needs to be globally unique and adhere to a world wide standard. In the United States, this product identifier is the UPC number (GTIN-12) .

Information Required
1. Business Registration Certificate of the US company;
2. Registered address and contact person of the US company;
3. Commodity categories and annual sales volume.

Application Procedures
1. Fill in the confirmation form of USA barcode;
2. Application fee verified by the relevant aspects;
3. Pay the relevant application fees and service charges;
4. Obtain the relevant electronic authorization certificate.

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