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Nigeria Trademark Registration

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Nigeria trademark registration in governed by Nigerian Registry of Trade Marks, Patents, Designs and Copyright. A trademark is a symbol or a sign which differentiates the goods and services of one business from another one. You can register your trademark in the form of a name, logo, slogan, domain name, shape, colour or sound in Nigeria. Nigeria presently follows the International Classification of Goods. A separate application is filed for each classification of goods for which the trade mark is to be registered.

Benefits of Trademark Registeration
It would be important to mention that there are several benefits accrued to the registration of the trademark in Nigeria. Trademark registration gives the owner the right to use such registration to exclude others from violating or willfully copying or usage by a third party without consent. A registered owner of a trademark may institute an action in Court to block any infringements or unauthorized use of their trademarks.

Additionally, an owner of a trademark can sell or lease out his or her trademark to another person or organization if the owner chooses in future. It is also possible for the owner of a trademark to license certain persons or organizations to use his or her registered trademark with him or her in future.

Required Information
1. Applicant's details: The full name(s), nationality and physical address of the applicant.
2. The trademark Information: The Representation must be clear and distinct.
3. Goods or services: The full range of goods covered or proposed to be covered by the trade mark.
4. Power of Attorney.

Procedures for Trademark Registration in Nigeria
The usual market practice is to instruct a local attorney in Nigeria, who would file and process applications at the Nigerian Registry of Trade Marks, Patents, Designs and Copyright.

After filing the application for trade mark registration, the Registrar will issue an official acknowledgement reflecting the official number and filing date of the application. A preliminary search is conducted as to distinctiveness from existing and pending registrations.

The Registrar examines the application for registrability taking into consideration possible conflicts with prior registered or pending marks and or inherent registrability of the mark. If the Registrar finds the trademark acceptable for registration, the applicant will be furnished with a letter/notice of acceptance.

Every trade mark application must be advertised in the Nigerian Trademark Journal, and is open to opposition for a period of two (2) months from the date of advertisement. If no objections are received within the specified period or no objections are sustained, the Registrar will issue the applicant with a certificate of registration. 

Validity and Renewal
Nigerian trade mark registrations have an initial validity of seven (7) years, and are thereafter indefinitely renewable for periods of fourteen (14) years. An application for renewal should be made not less than three (3) months from the due date.

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