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Bangladesh Trademark Registration

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Bangladesh Trademark registration is performed through the Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (DPDT). Any person claiming to be the proprietor of a trademark already in use or proposed to be used in Bangladesh may apply in writing for registration of a Trademark in the prescribed manner. An applicant has to file application for the registration of a trademark to the Trademark Registry Wing of the DPDT.

Registerable Marks
Any name, individual or firm represented in a distinctive manner, signature or photograph, one or more invented words, one or more words having no direct reference to the character or quality of the goods, a mark distinctive of the goods to which it is to be applied, marks consisting of letters, numerals or combinations thereof may be registered.

Classification of Goods and Services
Classification of goods is identical with the International Classification 01 to 45 according to the Nice Agreement concerning the International Classification of goods and Services.

Procedures for Trademark Registration in Bangladesh
1. Preliminary search
The applicant may conduct a search for similar trademarks with the DPDT. Although this is not mandatory for the registration of trademarks, you are highly recommended to conduct such a search to reduce the risk on refusal.

2. File the application
An application for the registration of a trademark shall include the following:
(1) Name of the Mark /Logo/Device prints or representation.
(2) Name of the Applicant.
(3) Address and nationality of the Applicant.
(4) Specification of Goods/Services and Class.
(5) User date of the mark (whether the mark is in use or proposed to be used in Bangladesh).
(6) Power of attorney (may be required).

3. Review and examination
After filing the application, the Registrar may either accept or reject or order to correct or modify the application. An application for registration of a trade mark may be accepted either absolutely or subject to conditions or limitations.

4. Publication/Advertisement
After an application is accepted by the Registrar, s/he shall provide a Journal Notification to the applicant for the advertisement of the mark. Afterwards the applicant is required to deposit journal fees though pay order/treasury chalan/bank draft. Then DPDT will send the mark to Bangladesh Government Press (BG Press) for publication.

5. Opposition
After BG Press publishes the mark, any person may within two (2) months from the date of the publication give notice of Opposition to the Registrar using prescribed form.

6. Registration
If there is no opposition, DPDT will inform the applicant to pay certification fees. The applicant is required to submit the money receipt of the certification fees to DPDT.

On the registration of a trade mark the Registrar shall issue to the applicant a certificate in the prescribed form of the registration thereof sealed with the seal of the Trade Marks Registry.

Validity and Renewal
A registered trademark is valid for an initial period of seven (7) years from the date of filing and renewable thereafter for successive periods of ten (10) years.

Renewal fees must be paid before the expiry date but not more than six months prior the expiry. Late renewals available, normally up to four months after expiry date, with payment of late fees. Extensions at the direction of Registrar are liberally granted with payment of additional fees.

Although a trademark does not have to be in use in order for it to register, it must not go unused for more than five years after registration, otherwise it will become vulnerable to cancellation actions based on lack of use of the trademark.

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