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Korea Trademark Assignment

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Korea trademark assignment refers to the transfer of the ownership of your registered Korean trademark. With respect to the assignment of a trademark, it means that the holder of a trademark assigns the trademark to another party within the period of validity of the registered trademark according to the legal procedures. In generally, assignment of a trademark is the change of the owner of the registered trademark, namely, it is a way of obtaining the trademark right. The following is the introduction to the trademark assignment in Korea.

Scope of Trademark Assignment
Trade mark rights can be assigned wholly or partially, that is, for certain designated goods. In the case of a divided assignment, similar designated goods must be assigned en bloc. Where trade mark rights are owned jointly, no joint owner can transfer his/her share of the ownership without the consent of all the other joint owners and no joint owner can grant an exclusive or a non-exclusive licence under the trade mark without the consent of all the other joint owners.

Assignment must be registered to be effective (excluding transfer by inheritance or other universal succession).

Required Documents
Basically, in order to record an assignment before the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), a notarized Deed of Assignment (DOA) from the assignor and simply signed Powers of Attorney (POAs) from the assignor and the assignee will be required. The assignor’s POA needs to be executed by the same person who executes the DOA. If any of the assets to be recorded is jointly owned, a notarized Letter of Consent (LOC) from the co-owner will be required as well. Please note that notarized documents are considered to be valid only for six months from the date of notarization date.

Relevant document forms will be provided once you send us with detailed information about the ownership transfer and a list of the case(s) to be recorded.

If assignment documents meet the local requirements, the assignment recordal usually takes about a couple of weeks to be completed from the date of filing a petition.

As mentioned before, trademark assignment is a way of obtaining the trademark right, but we also can obtain a trademark right by filing a trademark registration application before the Trademark Office. Tannet can help you file a new trademark application in the presence of KIPO. Moreover, we can also offer patent application and company formation solutions.

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