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Madrid Trademark Registration

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Madrid InternationalTrademark Registration is usually called Registration of Madrid Trademark. This abbreviation would be easily misunderstanding as a kind of trademark that it could protect country all over the world only with this trademark by people who are not really knew much about it.

Registration of Madrid Trademark System (The Madrid System) was established in 1891 and it is applied to the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol. This System is managed by the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. 

There are two ways for applicant to apply for the registration of trademark from abroad: First register in countries one by one, namely, to apply for registration of the trademark authorities in various countries. The other way is to appy for a registration of Madrid trademark name due to Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (hereinafter referred to as The Madrid Agreement) or Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (hereinafter referred to as The Madrid Protocol ), trademark registration between the members of the Madrid Union.

The Madrid Union is a Special union of the international registration of trademarks for the application of the state or internal governmental organizations due to the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol. The Madrid Union has 94 contracting parties up to March 11th 2015.

Qualification on Applicant 
Applicants must have a certain subject qualifications. The applicant shall provide a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment premises in the country of origin; or domiciled in the country of origin; has nationality of the country of origin. In addition, Taiwan Province of legal or natural persons may submit application for international registration by the Trademark Office. Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region neither juridical nor natural person is still not legal to apply for the international registration through the Trademark Office.

Conditions on Application 
One must apply for trademark registration has started some trademark registration application process in our country. The applicant countries are designated for protection by the Parties pure "Madrid Agreement" international application for trademark registration of a trademark must be registered in our country has been obtained; designation of the applicant countries are parties to the pure "Madrid Protocol" or belong to "the Madrid Agreement "and" the Madrid Protocol "Parties to apply for trademark registration may be a trademark has been applied for registration in the country and is accepted, it can be a registered trademark.

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