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New Zealand Trademark Registration

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New Zealand trademark registration is controlled by the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ), which is a New Zealand government agency responsible for the granting and registration of intellectual property rights, specifically patent, trade mark, design and plant variety rights. The legal basis of New Zealand trademark is Trade Marks Act 2002.

New Zealand is a member of the Paris Convention and the Madrid Protocol. New Zealand adopts first-to-file basis for trademark protection. A trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of application and could be renewed for 10 years before the expiry date.

Advantages of Trademark Registration in New Zealand
Registration of a trade mark in New Zealand provides a number of advantages:
1. Stronger statutory protection
Registration of a trade mark provides strong statutory protection against unauthorised use of a trade mark. Conversely it can be very difficult or expensive to rely solely upon any reputation-based rights to challenge unauthorised use of a trade mark in New Zealand. In addition the outcome of any reputation-based legal challenge is much less certain than when relying upon the statutory rights provided by trade mark registrations.

2. Nation-wide protection
Registration gives rights throughout New Zealand, even before the trade mark has been used. Rights to trade marks which are not registered are generally limited to the area in which the reputation exists.

3. Defensive protection
Registration will provide a statutory defence against allegations that use of the registered mark infringes any other trade mark registrations.

4. Border protection
In conjunction with the New Zealand Customs Service, trade mark registration  can provide a basis to prevent unauthorised goods bearing the same or similar mark from even entering the New Zealand market.

5. Cost effective enforcement
Registration signals to  third parties that a  trade mark is taken and it can block registration of deceptively similar trade marks.

New Zealand Trademark Registration Process
(1) Tannet acknowledges the information including the specimens of mark, its goods/services and registration details, then provides the latest quotation, preliminary advice and classifies your goods/services;
(2) After the quotation has been confirmed, client will be required to complete our Trademark Registration Confirmation Form and send it back to Tannet by email or fax;
(4) Tannet will file trademark application to the IPONZ upon receipt of your payment and instruction;
(5) The IPONZ will conduct a search of the trademarks records to see if the same or similar trademark has already been registered or been applied for by another trader in the same or similar class;
(6) Once your trademark has been accepted for registration, it will be published on the Office Journal;
(7) If no objection by a third party, a registration certificate will be issued by the IPONZ. We will review and send the certificate to you.

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