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Nepal Trademark Registration

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Nepal trademark registration is not mandatory, but it is advisable to do so. In Nepal, Trademark can be protected on the basis of its registration; no one can claim trademark right on the basis of use within its territory. Full trademark protection is properly secured only by registration. The creation of trademark rights under Nepal Law is ‘first to file within the jurisdiction’. Below is a brief introduction to trademark registration in Nepal.

Basics for Trademark in Nepal
1. Registrable marks
Trademark, Service mark, 3/D mark, Collective mark, Geographical Indication

Non-Registrable marks
Non Traditional Trademark (NTTM) i.e. Audible Sign (Sound mark),
Olfactory mark (Smell mark) and other (Invisible) sign

2. Registration Duration
Seven years from registration date.

Renewal Duration:
7 years

3. Classification of Goods / Services:
International Classification 01 to 45.

4. Renewal Application:
Within 35 days from the date of expiry

Grace period for Renewal:
Within Six months after the expiry of the time-limit for renewal.

Registration Procedure
Upon receipt of application, DOI shall conduct formality examination. A formality examination will be made to determine whether the application fulfills the necessary procedural and formal requirements. An invitation to correct will be made where necessary documents are missing. 

Upon completion of formality examination, DOI shall conduct substantive examination. DOI examines the sample mark submitted under the class to ascertain similarity and Trademark shall be examined for absolute and relative grounds for refusal, that is, whether they are sufficiently distinctive, not deceptive, not immoral etc. such an examination is highly desirable in the interest of consumer protection but for competitors too, and for the trade in general, if the submitted mark is found to be distinctly different, a decision to grant publication for pre-opposition is made. The period of pre-opposition is 90 days and if there is no opposition within prescribed time schedule, the decision will be made for registration.

Upon publication of Industrial Property Bulletin of trademarks, anyone can file an opposition against proposed mark/s within 90 days from the date of publication. At the time of filing an opposition, claimant must submit supportive documents. Upon receipt of opposition filed by third party, DOI shall furnish a notice to applicant to submit counter reply or clarification, if any.

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