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Qatar Trademark Registration

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Qatar trademark registration is an important way to protect your intellectual property rights in Qatar. The legal basis of Qatar trademark is Law No. 9 on Trademarks, Trade Names, Geographical Indications and Industrial Designs. Qatar is a member of the Paris Convention. Qatar adopts first-to-file basis for trademark protection. Below is the brief introduction to trademark registration in Qatar.

Required Documents
Simply, there needs the signed power of attorney. If the applicant is an individual, then a certificate of professional practice is also required. Where the applicant is a legal entity, then the application must also be accompanied by a simple copy of the business's certificate of incorporation, or other commercial document reflecting details of trade mark applicant.

Trademark Application Procedure
1. processing time from first filing to registration is approx. 18 months;
2. application process includes a formal examination, an examination of distinctiveness and a search for prior conflicting trademarks;
3. coexistence agreements with owners of prior trademarks are accepted;
4. order of process is: examination, publication, registration.

Nice Classification, and only one class per trademark allowed.

The opposition period is four months from the date of the publication of the application in the official gazette.

Use Requirements
To avoid being attacked on the ground of non-use, a trademark must be used within the following period of time: The Trade Mark Law provides that a trademark may be removed from the register if it has not been used by the proprietor or a licensee in a period of five consecutive years, without specifying the date of commencement of the relevant period. However, the law does indicate that rights granted by registration are retrospective to the filing date, which has been construed to indicate that the non-use grace period is counted from the filing date of the application;

Proof of use is not required prior to the issuance of a registration or the issuance of a notice of allowance/acceptance.

Duration Period and Renewal Time
10 years from date of application;
renewable for periods of 10 years from filing date;
grace period 6 months;

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