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Germany Trademark Application

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Germany trademark application is administered by the Register of the German Patent and Trademark Office. Trademark registration in Germany can be obtained in 3 different ways: (1) Through a national trademark registration for Germany, only valid for Germany and not for other countries; (2) Through an international registration (WIPO) with country designation Germany and the possibility to also designate other countries that take part in the Madrid Protocol; (3) Through a Community Trademark Registration, which has validity for all 28 countries of the European Community including Germany.

Required Data for Filing an Application
1. Data of the applicant
The applicant may be:
a natural person (private individual);
a legal person;
a partnership having legal capacity;
The data on the applicant must include the name and address.

2. Types of trade marks and their representation
Everybody may file a trade mark application: words, letters, numbers, images, even colours, three-dimensional objects and acoustic signals can be protected as trade marks. For entry in the Register at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office you must decide whether you want to register your trade mark as a
word mark;
combined word/figurative mark;
figurative mark;
three-dimensional mark;
tracer mark;
colour mark;
sound mark;
other types of trade mark.

The above-mentioned types of trade marks can also be registered as a collective mark. Only associations having legal capacity can own collective marks because a collective mark is a sign of a trade association. That means: an association may obtain trade mark protection for identical goods or identical services for its member companies.

3. List of goods and services
Trade marks are registered for specific goods and services. The goods and services for which you intend to use the trade mark must be specified exactly. Therefore, your application must contain a list of the intended goods and/or services. All goods and services are divided into 45 classes.

Renewal of Trademark Protection
The duration of protection of the registered trade mark starts on the date of filing and ends after ten years, on the last day of the month in which the filing date falls. You can renew trade mark protection for further periods of ten years. For an overall renewal of your trade mark it is sufficient to pay the renewal fees.

The renewal fees fall due on the last day of the month in which the duration of protection ends and should be paid without surcharge until the end of the second month after the due date. If you wish to pay the fees only after the end of the second month, you can still make the payment until the expiry of the sixth month after the due date, but you have to pay a surcharge for late payment, which has to be paid in addition to the renewal fees.

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