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Italy Trademark Application

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Italy trademark application may be filed at the Provincial Offices of the Ministry of Industry or at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (IPTO). Any natural or legal person who is a citizen or resident of a member state of the European Union, the Paris Convention or the World Trade Organization, or of a state guaranteeing reciprocity of treatment, may apply for an Italian trademark. Applicants may only be represented professionally by qualified trademark attorneys holding membership in the Italian Industrial Property Consultants Institute, or by attorneys-at-law.

Registrable Trademarks
All signs (word, device or shape) capable of being graphically represented and fulfilling the requirements of novelty, distinctiveness and lawfulness are registrable trademarks. Graphically represented sounds, color combinations or a particular shade of color are also registrable.

Information needed for filing an Italian trademark application
1. an indication of the trademark or sample of it, if it includes graphic elements or colors;
2. list of goods and/or services;
3. name and address of applicant.

Procedures for trademark registration
Once the application for trademark registration is filed, a filing number and a filing date are issued, from which it starts the examination of the practice, divided into several phases.

A first formal and technical examination is carried out by Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) that checks the formal compliance of the application and the absence of the so-called absolute grounds for refusal. 

If the trademark office passes this examination, then it is published in the Trademark Bulletin that is available to the public.

Since then, any holder of an earlier identical or similar trademark or anyone considering that the trademark application violates its own right, may file opposition to the registration before UIBM within three months from the publication date.

If an opposition is filed, an administrative procedure is opened, where the person who made the application for registration can defend itself against those who oppose to the granting of the trademark. At the end of the opposition proceedings, it is issued a decision that may result in the granting or refusal of the trademark.

If instead, no-one has opposed, the mark is granted and a date of grant is assigned. Then the holder can collect its registration certificate.

Duration and Renewals
Trademarks are valid for 10 years running from the filing date. An indefinite number of renewals is possible for subsequent 10-year periods.

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