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Romania Trademark Registration

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Romania trademark registration is not a very simple thing, taking into consideration the fact that certain conditions must be complied with. For foreigners residing outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, it is compulsory to perform the trademark prosecution in Romania through an agent, a registered Romanian patent attorney. Tannet, with worldwide agents and outlets, can assist you in trademark registration in Romania.

The brands can be registered in Romania in the following forms:
• The verbal brand - a denomination, a slogan, written with standard characters;
• The figurative brand - a graphic element which does not contain letters or numbers;
• The combined brand - a written denomination with a special graphics and/or in colors or a denomination accompanied by a graphic element;
• The tridimensional brand - the brand made up of the form of the product or of the package or any other tridimensional specific sign which allows the identification of a product or service.

Information Needed for Registering A Trademark
a) the verbal element for the verbal trademark and the graphic element for the graphic or figurative trademark;
b) the owner’s identification data (for companies - name, registered address; for physical person - name, address, identification number/passport number);
c) goods and services (classes) for which the trademark will be registered.

Processing Time and Renewal
The registration procedure of trademark in Romania lasts between 9-12 months, except for the cases in which Notices for Temporary Refuse are issued or Oppositions to the registration of the trademark by third parties are formulated.

The trademark registered in Romania is protected for a period of 10 years; by the renewal of the trademark, the period of protection can be extended by other periods of 10 years each, under the condition of formulating the renewal petition within the terms provided by the law and the payment of the renewal fees.

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