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Russia Trademark Application

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Russia trademark application is not as simple as it may seem - a growing attention to this subject matter is demonstrated by administrative and court decisions. Registration is a pre-requisite to the effective enforcement of a trademark. Anyone failing - whether intentionally or not - to register his marks would be exposed to potential losses and the inability to make any claims against acts of infringement or unfair competition.

Documents required for filing trademark applications
1) The Company name and the address of the applicant.
2) Prints of the mark.
3) The meaning of the mark (if any).
4) A list of the requested goods/services in English (Word. format) and in accordance with the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purpose of the Registration of Marks - 10th edition.
5) Priority document if priority is to be claimed. A certified copy of such a document with its Russian translation with notarization should be presented within two months from the filing date of the trademark application at the Russian Federal Service of Intellectual Property.
6) Power of Attorney in the name of the applicant, stamped & simply signed by the authorized person at the company indicating full name, position in the company, date & place of signature (Notarization or Legalization is not required).

Time frame for trademark application in Russia
The standard registration process from the date of filing until the issuance of the certificate of registration (if there is no refusal, rejection, amendments or requests for supporting documents) usually completed within 14 - 16 months as indicated below:

1) The official filing receipt (filing date & filing number) is issued immediately upon filing, while the official notification of the result of the formal examination of the application and its accompanying documents is issued within 1-2 months from the date of filing.
2) The process of substantive examination of the mark until the issuance of final decision by the examiner shall be carried out within 11-12 months.
3) The Certificate of Registration will be issued within 1 months from the date of receipt of the official fees for registration.

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