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Kazakhstan Trademark Registration

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Kazakhstan trademark registration is filed under the principle of registration for the first application. You can register verbal, digital, graphic, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, and also combinations of such signs as trademark in Kazakhstan. Registration allows you to protect your trademark rights. The applicant of a trademark can be legal entity or individual engaged in entrepreneurial activity.

Required Filing Documents
- Name and address of the applicant;
- Prints of the trademark;
- List of goods and/or services in accordance with the international classification;
- Signed and stamped Power of Attorney, which may be filed within two months from the filing date. In case the stamp is not available POA must be notarized. Legalization is not required.

Procedures for Registering A Trademark in Kazakhstan
In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellation of Origin” the procedure of a mark registration is conducted in two stages.

At the first stage a preliminary examination is conducted within 2 months of the relevant filing date, in order to verify the contents of the application, the presence of the required documents, their compliance and payment. If all documents were presented, a notification on admission of the trade mark (service mark) application to examination is issued.

The second stage is a substantive examination which is carried out within 12 months thereafter. Marks are examined for identity and confusingly similarity with marks previously registered trademarks. Marks are also examined for distinctiveness. If by the result of the substantial examination a decision on registration of the mark is issued, after that the fee is paid for issue of a certificate within three months after the issuance date of the decision. The fee for publication and registration of certificate in Republic of Kazakhstan is united. The mark is recorded in the State Register of Marks and published afterwards.

Registration Timeline
After the completion of filing, the trademark application undergoes preliminary examination within 3-4 months. Then the substantive examination is conducted within 8-12 months. On results of the substantive examination the grant decision is issued. After payment of the prescribed registration fee the certificate of registration is issued within 4-5 months. The entire procedure of trademark registration takes from 19 to 23 months.

Trademark Validity and Renewal
A trademark in Kazakhstan is valid for 10 years from the filing date and can be further renewed every 10 years. In Kazakhstan it is possible to apply for trademark renewal within 12 months before the deadline. There is also a 6-month grace period which allows applying for a renewal after the deadline upon payment of a special stipulated fine. Reinstatement of a lapsed trademark is not possible.

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