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Turkey Trademark Registration

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Turkey trademark registration is under Decree-Law 556 which is in force as from June 27, 1995. Turkey has also become a party to the Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of Marks as of January 01, 1999 with the decision of Council of Ministers. The international trademark registrations under the Madrid Protocol can be extended to Turkey and filed from Turkey as from the effective date.

Trademark Search
A comprehensive trademark search in Turkey will provide you to determine pre-registered trademarks in use which are the same or confusingly similar with yours and registered for the same goods and/or services with the range of your interests, in another way of saying, which may be owned by the companies or individuals acting in the same field with you.

Trademark Registration Procedure
The procedure of a trademark registration is rather straightforward in Turkey. After formal checks and examination of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, application is published in the official bulletin, which is followed by a two-month opposition term. If no oppositions are filed, the trademark is registered. Trademark registration process takes 8-12 months and once the trademark is registered, the protection survives for ten years and can be extended provided that it is renewed every ten years.

Trademark Renewal
The term of protection of a registered trademark is 10 years from the filing date and it is renewable for periods of 10 years in Turkey. An application for renewal in Turkey must be filed during the last 6 months preceding the expiration of the protection period. If an application is not filed within the above mentioned 6-month period, the mark may still be renewed within the 6 months following the expiration date, by paying a fine.

In the case of termination of the protection of a trademark for failure of renewal, another identical or similar trademark application covering identical or similar goods or services shall be refused where an objection is raised in the period of 2 years. Therefore, the grace period of 2 years is defined as a kind of priority right for the trademark holders to re-file their lapsed trademark by filing a new trademark application in Turkey.

Required Information
1. Name, address and nationality of the applicant;
2. Power of Attorney which does not need to be notarized or legalized via e-mail;
3. Sample of the mark, jpg format is preferred;
4. List of Goods/Services according to the Nice Classification System.

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