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Switzerland Trademark Registration

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Switzerland trademark registration is one kind of intellectual property (IP) protection strategy. A trade mark is only protected for the goods or services that you define in your application and for which you want to use the trade mark. You should think carefully and plan ahead when selecting these product and service categories, as once your trade mark has been registered, you can’t extend the protection to include additional goods and services.

Before Application
The Registrar register your trade mark if it is distinctive, not deceptive and doesn't breach public policy or public morality. In the registration procedure, they don't examine to see whether your trade mark infringes the rights of others, i.e. older trade marks, company names or domain names. You must check this before the examination by searching yourself or engaging someone to do it for you.

Therefore, carry out a search before applying to register your trade mark is very important. We recommend carrying out a similarity search to see whether any trade marks that have already been registered or submitted in a trade mark application may be confused with yours (i.e. are similar or even identical). his applies not only to word marks but also to figurative marks or combinations of word and figurative marks.

Overview of the registration procedure
1. Carry ou ta search;
2. File the application online;
3. Examination on filing;
4. Application Accessible on SWISSREG;
5. Certificate of filing;
6. Formal and substantial examination;
7. National registration;
8. Publication on SWISSREG;
9. Certificate of registration.

Duration of the registration procedure
The duration of the procedure depends on the individual case. Applications that are seemingly straightforward are examined within six working days and registered after payment of the filing fees and any class surcharges. All other applications are examined generally within four months after payment of the filing fee and any class surcharges.

Within this time limit, the Registrar will either confirm that your trade mark is to be accepted for registration in the trade mark register or inform you of any deficiencies which you can subsequently remedy within a given time limit.

Consult a trade mark consultant
Tannet’s IP professionals are happy to answer any questions you have on the registration procedure. If you are unsure about choosing a trade mark or your trade mark strategy, or would like some advice in a case of conflict.

Contact Us
If you have further inquires, please do not hesitate to contact Tannet at anytime, anywhere by simply visiting Tannet’s website, or calling Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888 or China hotline at 86-755-82143422, or emailing to You are also welcome to visit our office situated in 16/F, Taiyangdao Bldg 2020, Dongmen Rd South, Luohu, Shenzhen, China.

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