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Switzerland Trademark Registration Guide

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Switzerland trademark registration guide made by Tannet will do you a great favor on registering a trademark in Switzerland. Legally, a trade mark is a protected sign that distinguishes a company's products or services from those of other companies. By registering them, you mark your product as being your intellectual property and as a result, protect yourself from free riders.

Tangible Benefits of A Trademark
Trade marks are registered on a first come first served basis. So apply to register your trade mark as soon as possible to stop somebody else pre-empting you and making it impossible for you to continue your business activities. Only a registered trade mark gives you optimum protection. Trade mark protection grants the owner the exclusive right to use their trade mark for labeling goods and services. This right can be passed on, for example through licensing or sale. The trade mark owner can prevent others from using a similar or identical sign for similar or identical goods or services.

Choose A Type of Trademark
Two-dimensional trade marks are the most common type of trade mark. They include word marks, figurative marks and combined word/figurative trade marks consisting of both words and images.

1. Word marks
Word marks are all trade marks that consist exclusively of printable characters and for which no colour has been claimed. For example, the following can be protected as word marks:

(1) Words (e.g. Citilinkia);
(2) Slogans (e.g. “Best wishes for you”);
(3) Combinations of letters (e.g. ABB);
(4) Numerical combinations (e.g. 168).

2. Figurative marks
Figurative marks consist only of visual elements without any word components. They may have a colour claim. The following can be protected as figurative marks.

3. Combined word/figurative marks
Combined word/figurative marks consist of word elements and also contain a visual element or colour claim. The following can be protected as a combined word/figurative mark.

4. Three-dimensional trade mark
A three-dimensional trade mark may consist of the shape of a product or its packaging (e.g. Toblerone) or a three-dimensional sign that is independent of the shape of the product and packaging, and which may, for example, be featured on the product (e.g. the Mercedes symbol).

5. Acoustic mark
An acoustic mark, also known as a jingle, is a relatively new type of trade mark. Jingles are no longer filed as an audio file but are instead represented by musical notation.

Search Before Registration
Before you apply to register a trade mark, you should clarify a few things first. Because the Registrar does not check to see whether your trade mark already exists in an identical or similar form. If your trade mark conflicts with a sign already registered, your intellectual property right could be revoked or become the subject of civil or criminal proceedings at a later point in time. We therefore strongly recommend that you have a search carried out for identical or similar trade marks and company names before you apply to register your trade mark.

Post Registration
After registration, your trade mark is protected in Switzerland for 10 years from the filing date without any additional costs. However, if you don't use your trade mark after five years (the grace period), you could lose your rights.

If someone registered a similar or identical trade mark before you did, they can oppose the use of your trade mark.

(1) Filing an objection;
(2) Bringing a claim before a civil court.

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