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US Trademark Registration Timeline

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US trademark registration timeline is at a minimum of 12 to 18 months for registering a trademark in the United States. Registering a trademark involves your trademark application proceeding through various stages of the trademark application process.

A trademark attorney can provide trademark assistance with all aspects of the trademark filing, including trademark design, reviewing a trademark search, informing you of the steps to getting a trademark or the cost to register a trademark, all of which increases the likelihood that you get a trademark.

Timeline for Application based on intent to use
Step 1. Application filed
The filed application is assigned a serial number. This number should always be referenced when communicating with the USPTO. Approximately 3 months go to step 1.

Step 2. USPTO reviews application
If the minimum filing requirements are met, the application is assigned to an examining attorney. Approximately 1 month go to step 3.

Step 3. USPTO issues letter (Office action)
If refusals or requirements must still be satisfied, the examining attorney assigned to the application issues a letter (Office action) stating the refusals/requirements. Within 6 months of the issuance date of the Office action, the applicant must submit a response that addresses each refusal and requirement.

Step 4. Applicant timely responds
In order to avoid abandonment of the application, the applicant must submit a timely response addressing each refusal and/or requirement stated in the Office action. The examining attorney will review the submitted response to determine if all refusals and/or requirements have been satisfied. Approximately 1 to 2 months go to step 5a or step 5b.

Step 5. USPTO publishes mark
If the applicant's response overcomes the refusals and/or satisfies all requirements, the examining attorney approves the mark for publication in the Official Gazette (OG). The OG, a weekly online publication, gives notice to the public that the USPTO plans to issue a registration. Approximately 1 month after approval, the mark will publish in the OG for a 30-day opposition period.

Step 6. Notice of Allowance (NOA) is issued
A NOA is issued to the applicant within 2 months after the mark is published in the Official Gazette. The NOA is not a registration, but indicates that the mark will be allowed to register after an acceptable Statement of Use (SOU) is filed.

Step 7. SOU is approved and mark registers
If no refusals or additional requirements are identified, the examining attorney approves the SOU. Within approximately 2 months after the SOU is approved, the USPTO issues a registration.

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