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China Trademark Registration Certificate Reissuance

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Re-issuance of China Trademark Registration Certificate
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With more and more Chinese becoming aware of the importance of intellectual property rights protection, there sees an increasing number of trademark registration in China. The trademark registration certificate is issued by the China State Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) Trademark Office.

Enterprises incorporated outside of China can also apply for a trademark in China and there are many that choose to do so, either because they plan to expand into China in the future, or for legal protection from copy cats.

The validity period of this certificate is 10 years, so during this period other companies cannot use the registered trademark for business. If a company wants to continue using their registered trademark after the expiration date, they will have to apply for an extension.

Information Contained in a Chinese Trademark Registration Certificate
From top to bottom, the fields are listed as follows:
1. Logo of trademark;
2. Category of trademark;
3. Goods and services;
4. Registrant;
5. Registrant Address;
6. Registration Date;
7. Expiry Date;
8. Director's Name;
9. Issuing Authority.

What If I Lost My Trademark Registration Certificate?
The trademark certificate is the most convenient and effective certificate that the trademark registrant uses to prove the trademark registration. If the trademark certificate is lost, it needs to be re-issued.

According to the provisions of the Chinese Trademark Law, the trademark registration certificate which is lost or damaged shall apply to the China State Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) Trademark Office for re-issuance in due course.

Documents Needed for Re-issuance of Certificate
Generally speaking, the following information are needed for re-issuance:
1. Application Form;
2. Business license (for enterprise applicant);
3. Identity proof certificate (for individual applicant; in case of foreigners, the translation is needed);
4. Power of Attorney (duly signed/ sealed).

Time-frame: approx. 6 months.

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