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Nepal Trademark Registration

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Nepal trademark registration is one way to protect your intellectual property right in Nepal. A trademark means any word, symbol or picture or the combination of the three used for showing difference from goods or service of others to the goods produced by any firm, company or individual or the service provided by it. Once registered, nobody shall use or copy any trademark in a way of manipulating the people in general without a written consent of person in whose name the trademark is registered.

Classification of goods and services
Government of Nepal, for the purpose of registration of trademark relating to any goods and any types of services may classify such goods and services.

International Classification of Goods and Services for the purpose of the registration of Marks (Nice Classification) is applied to this effect.

Separate application shall be submitted for the registration of trademark of different categories goods or services.

Required Information for registration
One who is willing to get registered any trademark of his trade or business under the act shall apply to the Department in a prescribe format along with:

1. Copy of registration or license of the business for product or service in which trademark is used or intend to use.
2. Four copies of model of trademark.
3. Authorizations letter if somebody has been authorized to act on behalf of the owner to register the trademark.
4. If the applicant is a foreigner, certified copy of any foreign registration certificate and address for service in Nepal must be submitted with application.
5. Receipt of payment of prescribe application fee.

Steps for registering a trademark
1. File an application with the relevant materials;
2. Review and examination;
3. After examination, if the mark is found registrable, the Department register the trademark in the name of applicant and issue a certificate. The applicant shall pay a registration fee of the trademark as prescribed in schedule.
4. Publication of trademark. The department may publish the registered design and trademark and a statement in regard to their renewal and cancellation of registration for the information of the people in general.

Validation and Renewal
The registered trademark holder shall have his right on the trademark for a period of 7 years from the date of registration. The registered trademark holder shall renew the trademark within 35 days from the date of expiry.

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