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Business Acquisition: Steps for Preparing an Acquisition

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Business acquisitions are the easiest way for a business to expand. This enables it to acquire a sales pipeline, expertise and access to new customers.well known for their roles in company growth and market consolidation, as well as providing paths to more independent lifestyles for well-capitalized entrepreneurs.

However, despite the opportunities acquisitions can create, the market is littered with deal casualties. Buying another company is more than just a financial transaction. You have to think about everything from meshing computer systems to sorting out your sales and marketing team. In other words, making a merger or acquisition is a lot of hard work.

Steps for making a successful acquisition
The acquisitions process involves several distinct steps and sub-steps that must be managed and controlled with extreme care and dealt with expertly and skillfully.

Who buys companies and why;
Acquisition criteria and your initial acquisition plan;
Building credibility for business ownership;
Building the acquisition team;
Casting the net for business leads;
Narrowing your search: matching broad criteria of your initial acquisition plan;
The evaluation process;
Preliminary due diligence;
Letter of intent and formal due diligence;
Valuing and pricing the company;
Negotiating the deal;
Financing the acquisition;
Your action plan;
Closing the Deal;
After the Deal is closed.

Throughout the acquisition process, it is important to work with a trusted advisor for strategic guidance. Careful planning with acquisition experts makes strategic decision making much easier and helps you avoid any pitfalls. For companies looking to grow through acquisition, an advisor can explain the economics and help them understand the financial consequences of their acquisition options. In addition to discussing the risk factors, professionals may also explain the potential enhancements to their companies.

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