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Investment Tips in China

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Investment tips or guides are provided by Tannet Investment Consulting Department on any country and any industry, for the people who are interested in investing in china, the following are some useful tips for the offshore investors.

1.  How about investment environment in China?
Since 1979, the Law on Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures was introduced in the country, to utilize foreign investments as important for opening up to the outside world.

Over the past 35 years, the Chinese macro economic environment provided realistic guarantees and broad prospects for foreign investments. The national economy in the early period, increased by double digits growth rates, until now still keep more than 6.7% annual grow recording 74.4 trillion GDP grow in 2016.

Local facilities have been upgraded. Infrastructure construction, such as transportation, telecommunications, water, electricity and gas supply have been renovated.

Along with favorable production management conditions, the soft environment for easy access to investment requirements has been amended. One-stop services for examinations and approvals have been introduced in many local government organizations: offices of different functional departments are working together to speed up procedures. Regulations were reinforced to adapt to a more comfortable legal environment. Since China's access to the WTO, commitments to the WTO entry, opening up of industries had become more important.

2. Prepare to invest in China
If your company is ready for investing in the country, you must know the regional market situation and learn about investment policies implemented by the Chinese government. Officials have divided its industrial projects for investments into four categories classified as encouraged, permitted, restricted and prohibited, which are indicated in the Industry Category Guide for Foreign Investors.

The scale of the investment is worth noting. For large investment projects of USD 30 million or above, the approval authority rests on the central government (State Council ministries); for projects under USD 30 million, in the unrestricted category or quota free, or license free, the approval authority goes to local government departments.

3. Familiar yourself with the relevant responsible authorities
The State Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce are responsible for the review and approval of projects with total investment of USD 30 million or above or other projects that require special approvals.

However, local development offices and commercial departments of the Provinces, Autonomous Regions, Municipalities are responsible for reviews and approvals of the following projects: Projects with total investment under USD 30 million and in the unrestricted category; Projects under USD 30 million, but in the restricted category which must be filed with the State Council ministries or upper level offices; Projects involving quota issues or license matters must go through applications to the departments of the Ministry of Commerce for consent.

Projects with USD 30 million or above in the encouraged category, but with no future side effects, which have to be filed in the State Council ministries.

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