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Application for Hong Kong Money Lender's License

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A person carrying on business as a money lender in Hong Kong must obtain a money lender's licence. The licensing of money lenders and regulation of money-lending transactions are governed by the Money Lenders Ordinance, Chapter 163 of the Laws of Hong Kong.

Governing Authorities
• Licensing Court
Responsible for determination of applications for and granting of money lenders licences.
• Registrar of Money Lenders (the role is presently performed by the Registrar of
Responsible for processing applications for money lenders licences, renewal of licences and endorsement on licences; as well as maintaining a register of money lenders for inspection by members of the public. 
• Commissioner of Police
Responsible for enforcing the Money Lenders Ordinance, including carrying out examinations on applications for money lenders licences, renewal of licences and endorsements on licences; and investigations of complaints against money lenders.

In the process of applying for a loan lender's licence in Hong Kong, it is subject to strict examination by the licensing division of the police force. Tannet group provides one-stop loan lender's licence application services in Hong Kong. The group itself has successfully obtained a loan lender's licence. With rich preparation experience, Tannet can greatly improve the client's chances of passing the review.

Required Documents
•  Documentary proof to support the applicant's capability in managing the money lending business
•  Documentary proof to show the financial situation of the applicant
•  Tenancy agreement
•  General permission from the landlord
•  "Permit to occupy a new building" issued by the Buildings Department
•  Land Register obtained from Land Registry by conducting land search
•  Floor plan inside the premises
•  Annual return if the applicant is a company

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