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Competitor Research Service

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Competitor research, one of the most skilled market research fields by Tannet, is of importance among market survey special research. Competitor research basically aims at clearly finding out the competitor information by all information available, including product and pricing strategy, competition strategy, marketing strategy, R&D strategy, channel strategy, financial situation, and human resource, to find out the vulnerable points so as to assist the client make appropriate strategies to increase their market share.

In addition, avoidance strategy may be made against the advantageous parts of the competitors lest that something harmful would happen to the client. Furthermore, long term tracking and research should be carried out, and overbearing tracking and monitoring should be focused on production, operation, management, development, etc. By these means, you will know yourself as well as your competitors during competition, and then adjust and improve your strategy in time.

Competitor Research Method
The survey methods for this section include desk research, mysterious clients visiting, depth interview, phone call survey, and public relation with key persons, etc.

Competitor Research  Strategy
Based on the market survey and analysis results, the client can determine its own competitors pointing to a certain product or enterprise, and make relevant competition strategy. Usually, the strategies include:

1. Avoidance strategy
Direct competition is not ready at the moment since competitor is too strong. Adverse influence will rise if you compete with that competitor directly, and in this situation, avoidance strategy is preferable.

2. Attack strategy
The competitor is weaker or in the same level with us, and the market share will be increased if we attack the competitor on the condition that direct competition is ready in every aspect. In this situation, attack can be made.

3. Following strategy
Following strategy, including following the competitors in product, technology and market, and even trying to exceed competitor in some link, can be applied if the competitor is in the same level with or even stronger than us to some extent, and there is no confidence for success by direct attack, so as to make good preparation for further of attack strategy.

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