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Capital Investment Service Package

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Capital investment encompasses a wide variety of funding options. To invest is to allocate money (or sometimes another resource, such as time) in the expectation of some benefit or return in the future. The return may consist of capital gain or investment income, including dividends, interest, rental income etc., or a combination of the two. Investment generally results in acquiring an asset, also called an investment. If the asset is available at a price worth investing, it is normally expected either to generate income, or to appreciate in value, so that it can be sold at a higher price (or both).

Tannet offers direct investment and capital operating services. Tannet’s direct investment includes venture capital investment, equity investment, projects investment and human resources investment.

Capital operating services cover value-up and edge-up capital operation and resource planning businesses, such as capital management&trust, PRE-IPO&PR-IPO, assets management and evaluation, technology transfers, BOT&PPP coordination, merger&acquisition, equity&asset transfers, restructuring and reorganizing, bankruptcy&liquidation, OED/ODM arrangement, and virtual capital operation. Tannet’s investment services cover the first industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry.

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