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China Manufacturing Company Registration

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China manufacturing company registration is required for investors who consider manufacturing products in China, as incorporating a limited liability company in China does not mean that you can operate all kinds of business activities. China is the world’s largest manufacturer and its labour costs are still very low compared to western countries. For that reason, it makes a good choice for manufacturing location, particularly if you’re making products with a high labour component or need to order in bulk.

Requirements on manufacturing company in China
(1) The minimum registered capital will be 500,000RMB (which may vary depending on the industry and the location);
(2) Have practical registered address, namely, the premise for business;
(3) Comply with the national and local statues and the foreign-invested industry policy;
(4) Comply with land-use planning, the overall urban planning and environmental protection policy requirements;
(5) Has no impact on the economic and social security.

General procedures for registration
With a limited company incorporated does not necessarily mean you can engage in any kind of business activities, as is the case in some western countries. Manufacturing WFOE can only operate within the business scope approved by Chinese authorities. The registration procedures are as follow:

1. Company Name Checking;
2. Signed Files to be Submit;
3. Approval from government;
4. Business License Issued;
5. Official Seal Application;
6. Bank Account Opening.

Documents issued after company incorporation
(1) Business License;
(2) Notice of Business Operating;
(3) Foreign Investment Registration Certificate;
(4) Articles of Association;
(5) Company Seal;
(6) Bank Account Opening Permit;
(7) Registration Certificate of Foreign Exchange.

It is vital to determine what you want to do right from the start. If you consider manufacturing products in China, you must establish a manufacturing WFOE. China may provide incentives and tax breaks for foreign manufacture companies. The rules and regulations are complex, so to get started, a professional guidance is recommended.

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