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Hainan Free Trade Port Investment

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Hainan Free Trade Port investment has attracted lots of attention thanks to this year’s Boao Asian Forum held in this province. A free trade port is the world’s most open form of economic zone, which has brought prosperity to places like Singapore and Hong Kong thanks to its broad-based preferential policies on trade and investment.

According to the guidelines on supporting Hainan’s efforts to deepen reform and opening up jointly released by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council, a free trade port system will be “basically established” in Hainan by 2025. China will also set up an investment fund to support Hainan’s development of a free trade port. Investors worldwide are welcomed to invest and start business in Hainan and participate in the building of a free trade port there.

Hainan, a pilot free trade zone in China
According to a decision announced by Chinese Premier Xi Jinping, the island of Hainan will be developed into a pilot free trade zone.

The pilot free trade zone will implement high-level trade and investment liberalization and facilitation policies, and overseas businesses there will receive pre-establishment national treatment with a negative list management system.

Focusing on sectors including seeds, medical care, education, sport, telecommunication and finance, the pilot free trade zone will push forward opening up of modern agriculture, high-tech industries and modern services, boost the development of service trade, protect the interests of overseas investors and promote the gradual opening-up of the shipping industry.

China welcomes investors worldwide to invest and start business in Hainan and participate in the building of a free trade port there, Xi said at a celebration marking the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Hainan province and the Hainan Special Economic Zone.

China will support the “all-round participation” of foreign firms in the development of the Hainan free trade port, and multinational companies are encouraged to set up international and regional headquarters there, according to the document.

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