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American Company Formation

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American company formation is also called American business setup, American corporate formation, American company establishment. The United States has the most developed market mechanism and consumer market in the world. Registered companies in the United States and the establishment of basic business institutions are your company's key steps in expanding the international market, so that you can become the real international enterprises in the quickest way.

In the world market, American companies have strong, high-quality, fashionable and honest image. The establishment of a brand image of an international company through the incorporation of an American company will bring immeasurable convenience and success potential to your company. Because of the maturity of the American market, good business law and good order of business operation, American companies have the most important corporate image in business activities. This is also the key to the company's success.

Conditions for  American Company Formation
Registered US company conditions: any person aged 18 or over is eligible to apply for the registration of an American company and become the director of the company in 18.

The number of directors of registered companies in the United States: a registered American company may have only one or more directors.

Business Scope
Companies registered in the United States do not have too many restrictions on the company's business scope. An American company can handle any legitimate business activity. In order to carry out business operations around the world in the future, you generally need to indicate the business you plan to do, or you can also add "all legitimate business activities" supplementary provisions.

Registered capital 
In the United States registered companies do not need capital verification, no restrictions on funds. When you register a company, you need to explain the amount of the shares that were issued at the time the company was established. Usually, the initial amount of shares issued by the company amounts to 1000 -100000 shares. You can increase the number of shares issued by your company at any time after the establishment of the company.

Company Name
The United States has no name restrictions on registered companies. You can choose any company name you like. The name of the company may be any name of the group, the company, the University, the Institute, the Institute, the association, the shop, the factory, etc.. Name, as long as the name of the registered company has not been registered by other companies, you can. A registered company that is legally approved by the U.S. government to register an American company.

The United States International Business Service Center as the customer registration America the promoters of the company / registered person (INCORPORATOR), for the establishment of the United States, the drafting of the original company documents, and provide the United States company law required the registered address and registration of secretarial services.

American Company Formation Procedures
It takes only 30 days to sign up for an American company (including the time that all registered documents are sent to the applicant's address).

After paying the cost of the registered American company, you will first inquire about the company name. In about 15 days, the new company can get the letter of approval from the company. The company's certificate of registration, company documents and company stamp to wait for 15 days. After the formalities are complete, the United States Postal Express will be registered all the documents of the United States company sent to apply for business or personal communication address.

Registered US company services (individual registered US companies)
It only takes 30 days to sign up for an American company:
American company name enquiry;
American company registration;
Articles of association of the United States (Articles of Incorporation);
American company internal procedures;
Records of the first meeting of American companies (Initial, Minutes);
The United States company certificate and seal;
Provide a registered address for us company for one year;
Provide us company's one year contact number;
Provide mailing addresses and mailboxes for US companies for a year (excluding separate mailboxes);
Apply for the federal tax identification number;
Open bank account (extra charge).

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