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Malaysia Corporate Formation

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Malaysia corporate formation can also be called Malaysia business setup, Malaysia company registration, Malaysia company incorporation. Malaysia is divided into 13 states and 1 Federal Territories. Residents there include Malays, Chinese, Indians, Pakistan people and so on. Foreign investment in Malaysia can be made through the establishment of a private limited company. What is the process of setting up a Malaysian Company? You may refer to the following exposition for answers.

1. The form of enterprises established in Malaysia
In Malaysia, the form of foreign investment in the establishment of enterprises mainly includes the company representative office (Branch), branch, limited liability company and Limited by Share Ltd.

2. The accepting institution of a registered company in Malaysia
China enterprises set up a representative office in Malaysia, branch (Office), a limited liability company or a Limited by Share Ltd, the Malaysia Company shall be to the Committee (referred to as SSM) or online ( to submit applications for registration.

3. Major procedures for registered enterprises in Malaysia
(1) Registration application. Apply for the enterprise to fill out the application form and submit the form to the Malaysia Company Committee.
(2) Registration examination. A company registrar examines whether the proposed company name is used and if not used, the name is retained by the applicant for 3 months.
(3) Submission materials. Within 3 months, applicants will submit different documents to the Registrar in accordance with different forms of enterprise. The list of required documents can be found on the SSM website or consult a professional secretarial company or a law firm.
(4) Approval application. The official Shencha application materials approved by the company registration, company registration, company registration documents and agreed and issued the company code (mainly for tax use).
(5) Opening a bank account. After the registration of the company, you can open the company bank account with the relevant documents to the local bank in Malaysia.

4. Business follow-up
(1) The permit of application.
(2) Change the business license after the registered capital is in place.
(3) Acting bookkeeping and tax return: from the tax registration certificate issued to the country tax returns the month.
(4) Audit: an annual audit of a Sino foreign joint venture company.
(5) Annual inspection: the Sino foreign joint venture must carry out annual inspection and approval procedures to the relevant departments from March 1st each year to June 31.
(6) General taxpayer application.
(7) Company data change.
(8) Work Permit.
(9) Finance and taxation planning.
(10) Trademark registration, domain name application, website construction.
(11) Compliance management report, labor contract and employee handbook.

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