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Food Business License Application

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The food business license is clearly defined in terms of the distribution of food business license, the conditions of distribution, procedures and the connection of the food hygiene license. Prior to October 23, 2014, the state council stipulates that the food operator must adhere to the first license before taking the license and not obtain the pre-approval document. On October 23, 2014, the state council and adjust a batch of administrative examination and approval by about canceled the item such as decision, to the rear of examination and approval, regulation of food business operators must according to after the first pass.

State administration for industry and commerce will promulgate the measures for the administration of food business permits, the food business license application, acceptance, audit, change, cancellation and license management, etc., to conduct a comprehensive regulation. The industrial and commercial authorities shall perform the functions of the administration of food management in accordance with the law, and provide high-quality and efficient services for the registration of food management managers.

Work process
Operators to the commercial registration authority to apply for the business license and permit access to the district administration of industry and Commerce Department (industrial) to apply for permission to accept food business license application, two law enforcement officers onsite inspection and truthfully fill out the depending on the type of the applicant's business etc.

Needed document of food business license
1. Copy of business license;
2. Copy of ID card of the responsible person, food safety manager and food safety technician;
3. Certificate of use of the premises used for the operation of food;
4. Copy of health certificate of the responsible person and food safety manager;
5.The entrusted agent shall provide the identity certificate of the power of attorney and the entrusted agent.

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