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Malaysia Feasibility Study

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Malaysia feasibility study is refers to on the basis of the investigation, with market analysis, technical analysis, financial analysis and economic analysis of various investment projects in comprehensive assessment of the technical feasibility and economic reasonableness.

Basic tasks of the feasibility study, are major problems for new construction or renovation projects, from a technical and economic point to conduct a comprehensive analysis, and forecast the economic effect of their operation in certain schemes within the framework of choice, to make the most rational use of resources to achieve predetermined social and economic benefits.

The feasibility study must proceed from the overall, on the technical, economic, financial, commercial and legal aspects such as environmental protection, analyses and feasibility studies in order to determine the feasibility of building projects, and provide the scientific basis for investment decisions.

Feasibility study for the project is on many factors and target system of constant analysis, evaluation and decision making processes. It needs to have the knowledge of professionals working together to complete. Feasibility studies are not only used in construction projects, also can be applied at all stages and in all aspects of science, technology and industrial development. Feasibility study by several of the following steps:

Initial work
1. Collection of information
Includes owner's request, the owner has completed research, market, location, materials, energy, transportation, maintenance, shared facilities, environment, labour sources, sources of finance, taxes, equipment and materials prices, the rate of price inflation, and other relevant information.

2. Site visit
Examine all available sites, waste dump and water conditions, and preliminary discussions with the owners and technicians design, design principles and technology programmers.

3. Data evaluation
Carefully check all sources of data and analyzing potential fatal flaws and design problems, review and verify that you can improve efficiency, reduce the cost of technology programmers.

4. Preliminary report
Summary the initial work, and lists the collected basic data for design and analysis projects potentially fatal defects, determine the process involved in the programmer.

Evaluation of alternatives
1. Development of design principles
Based on the information available to determine the design principles, which must meet the requirements of technology and production, when further information, the principle can be supplemented and revised.

2. Comparison of technical schemes
Selected professional technology solutions technically and economically compared last selected programmer.

3. Preliminary estimates of investment in infrastructure and production costs
To determine the initial project cash flows, preliminary estimates of investment in infrastructure and production costs, by comparison, can determine the effect of economies of scale and blocks.

4. Interim report
Determine the composition of the project, to technical and economic comparison of the alternatives put forward recommendations

Featured Research
1. Research on specific issues
Analysis of recommendations on specific issues for further research, including process flow, material, production scheduling, selection of equipment and so on.

2. Investment in infrastructure and production cost estimates
Estimated total investment required for the project, determine the yearly allocation of investment plans, determines the funding programmers; Principles and calculation condition determines cost estimates, cost calculation and analysis.

3. Technical and economic evaluation
Analysis to determine prices, financial evaluation, including technical and economic indices calculation, liquidity analysis and uncertainty analysis, and to national income analysis and evaluation on social benefits.

4. Final report
According to the conclusions of this research, prepared in accordance with the substance and depth of the feasibility study feasibility study-final report.

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