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Japan Company Formation

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Japan company formation is also called Japan business setup, Japan company establishment, Japan business incorporation, etc. If you want to invest in Japan, you don't need to visit the relevant government departments for so many certificates and formalities by person, but turn to Tannet. At Tannet, we don't just give you tailor-made service for your need, but for your satisfaction. Tannet — serve the world of business, sincerely and professionally.

I. Overview of Japan
Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea, China, Korea and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south. Japan, also called the "Land of the Rising Sun", is a nation-state with the political system of constitutional monarchy, which is made up of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku and more than 3,900 other small islands. Since 1960s, Japan has been universally recognized as the second capitalist economy, meanwhile the fourth importer and exporter, ranking the third on the world in terms of scientific research and development. Japan, as a developed country,has been one of the wealthiest and the most economically advanced country with the top level of living standard, per capita GDP being more than USD40,000.

II.  Company Name
When registering a Japan company, there are generally no limits on the company name. The company name is not related with the company’s registered capital, so no matter the company’s registered ca[ital, the Japanese government allows any company to include any words like a country’s name and some words like “group”, ”holding”, “industry”, “investment”, “enterprise”, “association”, “chamber”, “union”, “centre”, “institute”, “press”, “magazine” and so on. But the company name should be ended with “株式会社” or the Japanese or English version of the word.

Moreover, for a newly registered company, as long as the registered address is different, the same company name can be registered. But even if the company name is different from that of any well-known one like registered trademarks Sony/ Nissan, using the same or similar names would not be allowed neither. Moreover, in the same area, a company with the same name in the same industry can not be allowed. 

III. Business Scope
In principle there is no limitation for a Japan company’s business scope. The operation that Enterprises can carry out finance and investment, medical health care, the import & export trade, real estate, architecture, information networks, clothing, spinning and weaving, as well as tourism, etc.

IV. Registered Capital
The registered capital can be as low as 3 million yen to 10 million yen, and it should be paid up (for a shelf company, it can be not paid up.) But considering the company’s credibility, it is advisable to set proper registered capitals. A company with no more than 10 million yen of registered capitals can be free from 2-year consumption taxes; a company within 5 million yen can register another one in other ways than capitals like properties, cars, computers without auditing from accountants.

If a person invests more than 5 million yen to register a company in Japan, he or she can apply for a type of investor visa; if a company has more than 5 years of operation, and the investor lives in Japan for more than f years, he or she can apply for the Japanese nationality; for more than 10 years, he or she can apply for a permanent visa.

V. Registered Address
A Japan company is not required to submit the release contract for the registration and the specific room no is not required neither. So if you want to change your company address or expand your company in the same building in the future, you do not need to do the registered address change (But excluding applicants for investor visa) and ask for the property management department’s consent. TANNET can provide one for you as well. 

VI. Directors & Shareholders
At least one director is needed for a Japan company. But a Chinese natural person as director, should make a individual seal and prepare the notarization certificate in local public notary, and meanwhile, a native person aged above 18 years old is required as director. Shareholders can also double as a legal person, as far as corporate structure is concerned. Monitor or accountant is required.

VII. Term of Appoinment
According to new Corporate Law in Japan, members in the director board can be appointed from 2 years to 10 years and 4 years from 10 years for those in monitor board. The company needs to register it, when the term expires in the government department and any changes for members within the term need to be registered as well.

VIII. Required Materials
A. Five copies of passports from local investors;
B. One copy of passports from local guarantee (for foreign investors);
C. One original Materials Attestment Documents from shareholders;
D. Three photos from shareholders;
E. Capital contribution proof;
F. Article of Association (for investors in the name of a company).

A. Content:
1. Contacting local lawyers and public notary;
2. Document preparation;
3. Employment of local representatives;
4. Registered address arrangement;
5. Drafting Article of Association;
6. Processing employment registration;
7. Collecting company incorporation documents;
8. Assistance in bank account opening.

B. Service charge: RMB88,000
C. Processing time: 60-90 working days
D. Terms of Payment: The applicant can pay by cash, check or T/T to Tannet’s bank account before the service begins.

X. Tannet's Advantages
1. Tannet is a professional business service outsourcing company, serving the world of business professionally and reliably since 1999.
2. Tannet is based in grand China, with an international focus, targeting at valued investment and strategic developments.
3. Tannet has built up nine service centers forming a massive international service platform, especially for SMEs. You are welcome to visit for more.
4. With eleven years growth, Tannet has spread rapidly to more than 38 holding subsidiaries, 88 equity participants, over 3,000 cooperators, and in excess of 20,000 reliant clients globally. You can exchange resources among the Tannet’s clients.
5. Tannet is staffed by a professional team of industrial advisers, lawyers, accountants, engineers and consultants, with a wealth of experience, both in their respective professions with global expertise.
6. Through a ten year reputation, Tannet can provide its valued clients with the best quality services, especially tailor-made to the customer’s needs.

Contact Us
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