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Hong Kong Business Setup Advantages

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Advantages of setting up a business in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong business setup is Tannet’s basic business incorporation service. Many investors are electing to set up their businesses overseas, with one of the most popular jurisdictions being Hong Kong. Hong Kong is considered one of the best cities to establish and run a business, as it scores high on factors that matter to businesses. Strategic location, productive work-force, stable economic and political environment, attractive tax regime, pro-business environment, world-class infrastructure, an effective legal system are some of the factors that continue to contribute to its success. 

Advantages of Setting-up a Hong Kong Company
1. International Trade
(1) Hong Kong is strategically located at the heart of Asia - the gateway to Mainland China for business.
(2) Hong Kong is the financial hub and key regional trade centre - rank high for investments and as the headquarter for international business.

2. Ease of Doing Business
(1) A company can be opened in one or two week’s time in Hong Kong.
(2) No restriction on business scope.
(3) No restrictions on inward and outward investments. 
(4) No foreign ownership restrictions on Hong Kong registered company. 

3. Low & Simple Tax System
(1) Corporate profits tax is capped at 16.5%, which is expected to be 8.25% for the first 2 millions of profits in 2018.
(2) Tax is exempted for offshore income (income not sourced in Hong Kong). All profit generated overseas including China is tax-free in Hong Kong.
(3) No capital gains tax, no withholding tax on dividends and interest.
(4) No sales tax or VAT in Hong Kong.

4. Simple and Inexpensive Setup
(1) Require only one director and shareholder - no restrictions on nationality or residency.
(2) Allow use of corporate shareholder and director in company structure for risk managment and tax planning purpose. 
(3) No minumim share capital requirement and the minimum issued share capital is HK$1 only.
(4) Capital examination is not required - registered capital can be increased freely and no need to fully pay up.

5. Sound Banking System
(1) A sound banking system with no exchange control in Hong Kong.
(2) Allow company to transfer fund freely and provides a safe guard for international trade.
(3) Hong Kong bank account provides mutli-currencies account, online banking, ATM & credit card facilities.
(4) Banks in Hong Kong can handle Renminbi settlement for cross-border trading with China.

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