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Company Registration in Hong Kong

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Company registration in Hong Kong also refers to Hong Kong corporate formation, Hong Kong business setup and Hong Kong company incorporation. Hong Kong is not only positioned right on the border of Shenzhen, one of China's largest and most commercially important cities, but is also in easy travelling distance of the Asia-Pacific region: China, South East Asia, India, and Australia. A Private Limited Company is the most commonly-used legal entity in Hong Kong that is separate and distinct from the individuals who run it.

Requirements on Business Setup
Set up a business in Hong Kong is fast and easy. There are no restrictions on the use of foreigners as Shareholders or Directors at a Hong Kong company. The only thing you have to accomplish is having your company name approved.

1. Company Name
(1) Same company name is prohibited according to Hong Kong Company Registry.
(2) Either an English name or Chinese name; or
(3) Both English and Chinese name.

2. Shareholder(s) and Director(s)
(1) No nationality restriction.
(2) Individual and/or Corporate shareholder is acceptable.
(3) Corporate director is acceptable but at least one natural person as director.

3. Company Secretary and Registered Address
Comply with Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, appointment of Company Secretary and Registered Address is required.

4. Capital Requirement
Minimum subscribed share capital is 1 share (equivalent to HKD1).

5. Required Materials
(1) Identity Document: such as valid ID card / passport copy.
(2) Residential Address Proof: such as utility bill or bank statement showing full name and residential address (issued in recent 3 months).
(3) Proposed company names.

Incorporation Procedures
Step 1: Clients place an order for incorporation with Kaizen and provide the following documents and information to Tannet by email or fax or post:

Step 2: Tannet performs a name available search in the Register of Companies maintained by the Hong Kong Companies Registry and confirm with clients whether the proposed company name(s) is/are available for registration or not.

Step 3: After confirmation of the availability of the proposed name, Tannet then prepares the relevant incorporation documents:

Step 4: Tannet then arranges to have the documents listed in Step 3 signed by the directors and shareholders.

Step 5: After the incorporation documents are duly signed, Tannet then files the following documents with Companies Registry together with the appropriate fees for the application of Certificate of Incorporation:-
(1) Articles of Association of Association of the intended company.
(2) Incorporation Form (Company Limited by Shares) (Form NNC1).

Step 6: After about 7 working days, Tannet collects the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate from the Companies Registry.

Step 7: Tannet proceeds to place the order for manufacturing of company seal and chop and printing of Articles of Association (the whole set of documents together is known as company kit).

Step 8: Tannet arranges to deliver to you the Company Kit. The whole registration process is then completed. All the documents evidencing the legal existence of the Company is contained in the Company Kit and those items are what we returned to you after the Company is duly registered.

Why Investing in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong located on the south-eastern of China and in the heart of rapidly developing East Asia which is a very popular place to incorporate for foreign investors and businesses because Hong Kong is near to China and has a simple tax system with no VAT, no capital gain tax and no withholding tax. Detailed benefits are listed as below:

1. Best Path to China
Prime location at the geographical of China;
CEPA and lower withholding tax for dividend and royalty in china.

2. Very-well Business Environment
No restriction on business scope;
World-class infrastructure and good supply of high quality manpower.

3. Simple Tax System
No VAT, capital gain tax and withholding tax;
Non-HK source tax exemption.

4. Well-found Banking Facilities
Convenience internet banking system;
No foreign exchange control.

Tannet's Followup Services
1. Hong Kong Bank Account Opening
Tannet is often honored as valuable business partners by many local or international banks in Hong Kong. Tannet’s assistance in the bank account opening and follow up will make you easier to establish business relationship and smooth paper processing with banks.

2. Annual Return
A company must submit an annual return to the Hong Kong Companies Registry and the Hong Kong Inland Revenue each year. You can let it be done by Tannet by simply signing back the confirmation letter. Tannet will give you one month notice before it gets overdue.

3. Booking, Auditing, and Tax Return Filing
If a company has business running on within Hong Kong, account book should be well kept monthly for an annual audit before you carry on a tax return to the Inland Revenue. Tannet can arrange bookkeeping and auditing for you in time of need. Every company is required to finish tax return annually.

Contact Us
If you have further inquires, please do not hesitate to contact Tannet at anytime, anywhere by simply visiting Tannet’s website, or calling Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888 or China hotline at 86-755-82143422, or emailing to You are also welcome to visit our office situated in 16/F, Taiyangdao Bldg 2020, Dongmen Rd South, Luohu, Shenzhen, China.

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