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Change of Registered Agent for BVI Company

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Change of registered agent for BVI (British Virgin Islands) company occurs when the business owner is not satisfied with the current service provider, or due to other various reasons. If you are one of those people, do not hesitate to contact Tannet. With more than 18 years of development, we now have maintained close relations with over 5,000 worldwide associates, 8,000 professionals and a total of over 70,000 clients have been served.

BVI companies do not add extra layers of taxation to the taxes investors already pay in their home country, which creates a level playing field for investors from all jurisdictions. The fact that there is no additional layer of tax and regulation ensures that the incorporation and ongoing costs of using a BVI company are low, whilst high standards are maintained.

Brief Introduction to Registered Agent of a BVI Company
The BVI Business Companies Act (the “Business Companies Act”) imposes continuing obligations on all business companies. A business company is required to have a registered agent in the BVI. Registered Agents in the BVI must hold a licence under either the Company Management Act or the Banks and Trust Companies Act that authorizes them to provide registered agents services in the BVI.  

A company that does not have a registered agent in the BVI in accordance with the Business Companies Act commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a significant fine.

How to Change the Registered Agent of a BVI Company
This can be done by sending a written request to the current Registered Agent, asking him to resign and pass the administration of Your offshore company to another licensed Registered Agent. Normally such requests will be honored without question. The BVI Business Companies Act actually provides for a procedure whereby a transfer of a company to another Registered Agent can be completed without obtaining a formal release from the previous Agent.

In addition, please note that when a company is changing agent, it has to also amend its M&A to update the details of the new registered agent and office and to remove references to bearer shares if there is any.

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