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China Work Permit Transfer

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China work permit transfer may be required once you change you job. For foreigners working in China, the work permit is a crucial document that must be obtained prior to commencing work. The work permit is tied to your employer, which means it must be transferred to the new employer when you change  job. There are two work visa categories in China: the Z Visa (Work); and the R Visa (High-level Talent). Each has a different scope and is granted according to the applicant’s background and the type of work he or she will be performing in China.

How to Transfer your Work Permit in China
Step 1: Cancel the current work permit
To transfer your work permit to a new employer, you first need to cancel your current or previous work permit. To do this, notify your current employer to cancel your work permit. The employer will have access to the online system and can access the appropriate cancellation forms via their account.

A work permit will be canceled if it has:
(1) Been canceled on request (by employee);
(2) Expired and has not been renewed; or
(3) Been revoked by the government bureau in charge.

A former employer should apply for cancellation of a work permit within 10 working days from when an employment relationship ceases. Note that the reason for cancellation of the work permit will be included on the cancellation certificate. So, consider your relations with your current or previous employer and consider the future impact of any negative information that may be included here.

Step 2: Apply for a new work permit
The application is slightly different depending on whether the applicant’s new position is in the same field or a different one. So, you will need to determine whether or not your occupation will change at the time of your transition.

1. A new employer and the same occupation
This means you can stay in China during the application process and will not need to apply for a new Z or R visa. However, your residence permit must still be valid at the time of application for you to remain in China for the duration of the transfer.

2. A new employer and a new occupation
This means you must leave China and re-enter on a new Z or R visa. This option differs from the first since it requires those documents relevant to proving that you are qualified for the new occupation. These include relevant certificates and employment history related to the new occupation.

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