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Global Barcodes Application

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Global barcodes application is important for enterprises who want to sell products in the overseas supermarkets and shopping malls. Despite that fact that there is no law stipulates that you must have the barcode registered, if you want to sell your product in one foreign country, most local retailers and distributors require you to have barcodes for stock and sales record. Barcodes are often overlooked as a method for cutting costs and saving time. A valuable and viable choice for businesses looking to improve efficiency and reduce overhead.

The materials required for barcodes application are not complex. Considering that the country being chose may be different, you can contact Tannet for a detailed document list.

Benefits of Barcodes Registration
(1) Improve operational efficiency;
(2) Eliminate the possibility of human error;
(3) Improve inventory control;
(4) Meet customer or regulatory requirements;
(5) Barcodes are inexpensive to design and print.

Tannet’s Popular Barcodes Application Services
China mainland barcodes application;
Hong Kong barcodes application;
Taiwan barcodes application;
Macau barcodes application;
Singapore barcodes application;
US barcodes application;
UK barcodes application;
Australia barcodes application;
France barcodes application;
German barcodes application;
Myanmar barcodes application;
Vietnam barcodes application;
Angola barcodes application.

Overseas Barcodes Recordal
Overseas barcodes recordal refers to file records for those barcodes registered abroad. Foreign enterprises should apply for barcode registration for the production or distribution of foreign products with relevant Chinese departments if they are to sell their products in the Chinese market.

Basic Information Required
1. Photocopies of the business licence and other relevant business qualification certificates acquired in accordance with the law;
2. Certificate of company prefix obtained abroad, or other legal certification documents and a photocopy of their Chinese translation (with the stamp of the translation company affixed);
3. A duly completed recordal form with company stamp affixed;
4. Brand registration certificate (if any);
5. Enterprise record filing form for using barcodes registered abroad;
6. Statement of recordal for overseas barcodes.

Processing Time
Generally speaking, the recordal of barcodes registered abroad in China takes around 10-15 working days.

Contact Us
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