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Importer of Record Number Application (IOR)

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An Importer of Record (IOR), also known as a non-resident importer, is the entity responsible for the importing of goods. The Importer Number is a unique identifier assigned by Customs to the Importer of Record. It is regularly used during the importing process and all importers must have one on file. An importer number is a required part of the United States importing process. It is a designated number that is assigned to the importer of record by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and is used to identify your entries.

Foreign company can also export to the United States without an importer of record in the U.S. unless they have an agent in the state where the port of entry is located that serves as resident agent in the U.S. on behalf of the foreign corporation's behalf.

Format of an Importer Number
If you are an importer based in a country other than the United States, your number will look a little different than importers based in the United States. This number can take the following standard formats depending on where your company is located, e.g.,

1. U.S. Importers: 12-123456789
2. Foreign Importers: 123456-12345

Who needs an Importer Number?
An Importer Number needs to be on file for the final recipient of any goods imported into the U.S. This is typically going to be the importer of record doing business in America. However, foreign companies may also hold a number if they receive goods through the U.S.

It is also common for Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers to clear goods under their own identifying number before handing them over to the importer. However, they may only do this if the goods are valued under USD2,500.

Foreign/Non Resident Importers of Record
If you’re not based in the USA you are classed as a foreign Importer of Record. To be recognized as a foreign Importer of Record, you need to be issued with an Importer of Record number by the US Customs Authority, and to provide a customs bond for your goods.

Here is what you need to provide to be issued with a foreign Importer of Record customs-assigned number:
1. A document giving you power of attorney for customs purposes, which is signed by two of your company’s officers.
2. Photographs or scans of formal ID documents for the two named officers.
3. A copy of the importer’s Articles of Incorporation. This document may indicate that the named signatories have the appropriate authority to hold power of attorney for import purposes, but if not, a separate document specifying this is also required.

Most countries around the world will only allow a local, tax paying entity to be the Importer of Record or IOR company. If the physical recipient of the goods is not willing or able to be the Importer of Record, then you will need to appoint an Importer of Record services entity.

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