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UK Company Maintenance: Annual Return and Tax Return

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UK Company maintenance should be paid great attention after company registration. As required, UK companies have several documents to be filed each year. In case of non-delivery in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations, you can be fined and your company may be struck off. We often hear from customers that confuse the annual return with the company’s tax return. In this exposition, Tannet explains the difference of the two terms.

I. Annual Return
The Annual Return is a specific term relating to filing your company information with Companies House. The Annual Return was replaced by the confirmation statement at the end of June 2016. It is not a tax document and has no connection to your company accounts or HM Revenue & Customs.

Every year UK registered companies must submit the Confirmation Statement (Form CS01) to Companies House. This can be filed online or in a paper version. This document is submitted on or shortly after the anniversary of your company being registered. However, if you file the form at any other time during the year the filing date will be changed.

The purpose of the Confirmation statement is to update Companies House, the registrar of companies, with the current information relating to your company. You have to provide the following information

Registered office of the company;
Person of Significant Control (PSC) register;
Director’s information;
Secretary information;
Share Structure (issued shares, values, rights, paid or unpaid);
SIC Code (standard industrial classification code).

II. Tax Return
The corporation tax return is a formal tax declaration that must be filed with HM Revenue & Customs every year. Whether your company has traded or not you may be required to file a tax return to HMRC.

This tax return must be completed every year and submitted to HMRC. You normally have 9 months and one day from the company’s year-end to calculate and pay your corporation tax. The tax return should be filed online using the HMRC website.

The tax return should include form CT600, a set of your company’s full statutory accounts (not the abbreviated version) and any supplementary pages or additional tax computations depending on the sections completed within form CT600.

It is the company director’s responsibility to file both the Companies House Annual Return and the HMRC corporation tax return. Action may be taken against your company and penalties issued for late filing. It is generally recommended that you seek assistance from an accountant to file your tax return.

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