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Canada Barcodes Registration

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Canada barcodes registration enables organizations to trade all over the world while maintaining full supply chain traceability. A barcode is a visual representation of a unique identification number that can easily be read by scanners, quickly and accurately. One of the most common identification numbers encoded in a barcode is known as a Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) (also known as a UPC or EAN) - the raw ingredient needed for generating barcodes. Please find more information about GTIN below.

What is a GTIN?
One of the most common numbers to be encoded in a barcode is a GTIN, the number you see printed below most barcodes. GTINs uniquely identify products down to very specific details. Every product has its own GTIN to ensure that it cannot be confused with another product.

The first part of most GTINs identifies the company that owns that GTIN and will be the same number for all of the GTINs they produce. This is known as a Company Prefix and some larger companies may own more than one.

Why you need GTINs?
Using GTINs helps save you time, opens you up to new trading partners and increases your product visibility to potential customers.

Increasingly, trading partners mandate that their suppliers have standardized product identifiers before they will agree to do business with them. In Canada, that means GTINs.

Standardized product identifiers help trading partners protect against counterfeit or duplicate products, gather essential information to drive their business and increase the accuracy and completeness of data in their product catalogues.

In Canada, if you’re using a globally standardized product identifier, you are using a GTIN.

How many GTINs do you need?
Generally, you will need one GTIN for each of your products and another, different type of barcode for each packaging format, such as pallet or case. You should also consider how many barcodes you will need as your business grows to ensure you have enough GTINs to cover any new products you launch or updates to your existing products.

Barcodes registration is good for both manufacturers and retials, which can save a lot of time and improve efficiency. Tannet can cope with global barcodes registration. Should you have any need in this regard, we are glad to help.

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