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Opening an Account in Bendura Bank AG

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Opening an account in Bendura Bank AG is a good alternative for foreign investors who come from relatively sensitive jurisdictions. Bendura Bank AG is a fully-licensed bank headquartered in the Principality of Liechtenstein,which provides banking and financial services. It operates through three segments: Asset Management and Investment Advice, Transaction Banking, and Security Issuance and Investment Funds.

Advantages of Bendura Bank Account
1. Personal presence is not required for the account opening, and offshore accounts is available.
2. There is no limitation on nationality. Most overseas companies or individuals are acceptable except those come from North Korea, the United States and other political-sensitive countries.
3. The account opening procedure is convenient and quick. It takes 10 working days is the documents are ready.
4. Accounts are confidential. The government legislation guarantees the privacy and security of bank accounts.
5. It provides plurilingual services. For example, Chinese, English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Croatian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Czech, Azerbaijani and Arabic, etc.

Required Materials for Bank Account Opening with Bendura Bank
1. Copies of corporate documents with an apostille, full set of documents showing link to controlling person, Power of Attorney (if any) with an apostille. Bank Reference Letter of the principal shareholders/beneficial owners issued within 3 months;
2. Certified copy of a passport and second identification document for all controlling persons and signatories;
3. Copy of a recent utility (not older than 3 months) bill for controlling persons and signatories;
4. Company business plan (with the account owner’s signature) / business forecast / website (if any);
5. Filled questionnaire for pre-compliance;
6. Personal CV;
7. Detailed description of owned assets and income for beneficiary.

Deposit/Account Opening Terms
1. Account activation deposit: 5000 CHF/ USD/ EUR;
2. Minimum balance 300,000 EUR.

When you open a business, one of your first tasks should be to open a business bank account. However, nowadays with the even tighter regulations, it becomes more and more difficult to open a bank account. In addition to Bendura Bank AG, Tannet can also help you open an account with Cyprus bank, OCBC bank, etc.

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