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UK Company Strike Off

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UK company strike off, also referred to as Dissolution, is the process by which the entity that is a company is removed from the register by Companies House. The company will stop doing business and employing people. When you apply to strike off your company, you have certain responsibilities to close down your business properly. The following information may be useful for you.

When Can a Company Apply for Strike Off?
A company can apply to the registrar to be struck off the register and dissolved. The company can do this if it’s no longer needed, for example if:

1. the directors wish to retire and there is no one to take over the running of the company;
2. the company is a subsidiary whose name is no longer needed;
3. the company was originally set up to exploit an idea that turned out not to be feasible.

Before Apply for Strike Off
There are safeguards for those who are likely to be affected by a company’s dissolution. If your company has creditors, members, employees etc, you should inform all the necessary people before applying, as any of them may object to the company being struck off. You should deal with any loose ends, such as closing the company’s bank account or the transfer of any domain names before you apply.

You may notify any other organization or party who may have an interest in the company’s affairs, otherwise they might later object to the application. If you are a director you should not resign before applying for strike off as you must be a director at the time the Registrar receives the application.

How to Apply for Strike Off
You must complete a form DS01 - Striking off application by a company. The form must be signed and dated by:
1. the sole director, if there is only one;
2. by both directors, if there are two;
3. by all directors, or the majority of directors, if there are more than two.

After receiving the form, The Companies House will examine the form to check if it is acceptable. If there is no reason to delay, the registrar will strike the company off the register not less than 2 months after the date of the notice. The company will be dissolved on publication of another notice in the relevant Gazette.

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