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Thailand Barcodes Registration

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Thailand barcodes registration can be completed via GS1 Thailand. A barcode is an image used to represent a small amount of information which can then be easily read by a barcode scanner. Barcodes come in many shapes and forms, and they are mostly seen on retail products for pulling up the product information. The vast majority of retailers find it much easier if products entering their stores have barcodes on them, many retailers require barcodes.

Required Information for Registration
1. For ordinal person/group of person
(1) Certified copy of ID card or passport;
(2) Certified copy of house registration,;
(3) Certifies copy of registering of establishment from Ministry of Commerce (group of person only);
(4) Certified copy of personal incomes tax;
(5) Certified copy of Commercial Registration (commercial only);
(6) Application Form;
(7) Example of product or picture/brochure.

2. For company/limited partnership
(1) Certified copy of certificate of registration;
(2) Certified copy of ID card or passport (authorized person);
(3) Certified copy of Tax Identification card or VAT;
(4) Certified copy of profit and loss statement (in case of the company was established less than a year, authorized capital will be considered instead);
(5) Application Form;
(6) Example of product or picture/brochure.

Note: All required documents must have authorized signature and company stamp. For foreign authorize person, please use copy of passport or work permit instead.

Steps to Get Barcodes via GS1 Thailand
Do you want to get your own barcode? Want to sell your product for retail sale in Thailand’s supermarket? You will almost certainly need to have identifying barcodes on the packaging by join GS1 Thailand membership. The following are the steps on getting barcodes via GS1 Thailand.

1. Choose quantity of barcodes that you want to assigned and the level of the membership.
2. Complete GS1 Thailand application form.
3. Attached all required document.
4. Submit the application to GS1 Thailand.
5. After checking all documents correctly, the membership fee will be requested.
6. Pay the membership fee and send pay-in slip to GS1 Thailand.
7. The approval letter with unique GS1 number will sent to you.

In addition to Thailand barcodes registration, Tannet can help set up a company in Thailand. If you are seeking brand promotion and protection, we can also assist you in Thailand trademark registration.

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