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India Domain Name Registration

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Domain name registration in India is of prime concern for any enterprise aiming to tap the immense potential of the web through a website. A domain name is an exclusive address of your website through which it is found by your target audience. Every website requires domain name to identify and accessible to your visitors on the Internet. It establishes a point of contact, a place where potential customers can obtain information about your company products and services.

Benefits of Domain Name Registration
1. Easier access for customers. Domain names provide a clean, user-friendly and convenient option to access your website. A simple descriptive website is easy to remember.
2. Better visibility and exposure on search engines. Register a keyword rich domain name and get an instant boost to your SEO efforts from the get-go!
3. Personalized Email Addresses. is a far more impressive approach towards your email communications.
4. Safeguard your identity, ideas and business. Prevent others from hijacking or squatting on your online identity.

Common Types of Domain Name in India
A .com domain extension is the most widely recognized domain name for commercial or business websites. However, any individual or business interested in having a website on the Internet can register a .com domain. Besides, there are also .net, .org, .info, .edu., etc.

.in is the domain extension for India. It comes under Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for India and managed by government of India.

.in domain name is available to everyone. It’s used by companies, individuals, and organizations in India. Another domain originally for banks, registered companies, and trademarks.

Domain Name Registration Process
After you have chosen a domain name, you will need to submit your domain name registration request to a registrar. You will need to submit the following information to the registrar:
1. Desired domain name;
2. Name and contact information (including email address, physical address and contact phone number) for the domain's registrant, administrative and billing contacts;
3. Desired domain registration term.

Once you have provided your registrar with all these information, they will then initiate the domain name registration process for you. The registrar will send your domain name request, and the contact and technical information of the domain name to the registry. Your domain is considered registered and ready-to-use when all information has been updated.

The registration of domain name is of great importance, which establishes your online identity, increases reach, branding, marketing and communication opportunities. Should you have any demand, Tannet is glad to help. We can also help with India company formation, trademark registration, patent application, barcodes registration, etc.

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